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Segments by Tresl is a self-guided data marketing platform that helps you build long-lasting customer relationships.

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In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, generic metrics and email blasts are no longer sufficient. Segments is built by former data scientists from Linkedin to give you analytical powers without the price tag, so you can uncover hidden data insights and take action via prebuilt segmentation to grow your business.

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Why Segments?


Get 30+ prebuilt customer segments like Most likely to churn and Top spenders instantly. Build campaigns by segment to increase conversions.


Deeply understand customers using key metrics like lifetime value, AOV, ARPU, AOPU, conversions, and churn rate across different historical date ranges.


Unlock your data to know when & what customers are buying. Take action with timely recommendations to increase repeat sales & order value.


Sync segments across email, Facebook, and Google to build targeted campaigns. Lower CAC with custom audiences built from the best customers.

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Staff picks 2 years running

Our team is always thinking about ways to help our clients easily understand and take action on their data. So, we are beyond thrilled to be a Shopify Staff Picked app (again!).

Shopify Plus Omnichannel Commerce Guide

In Shopify Plus’s recent Omnichannel Commerce Guide they highlighted the importance of identifying top conversion paths, recommending our app as the customer segmentation tool to use.

Shopify Plus Future of e-commerce analysis

Check out Shopify Plus’s annual Future of Ecommerce Report 2021 where we were featured as one of the main tools to help identify your most valuable customers, segment based on LTV, and boost repeat business.

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