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Scale fast without scaling your team

Decision Support is a data department on your desktop. Access analytics, engineering, and data infrastructure right from your laptop. Enjoy the full resources of a data team while expanding at your own pace.

We more than understand your business, we live it.

Decision Support merges all your data sources into a core data infrastructure. Then wraps that core in beautiful and customizable dashboards intuitively displaying deep insights.

Discover profitable segments

Don’t wait to put your customer data to work. Download Segments and enjoy a full-featured 2-week free trial.

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Right-click to collaborate

Have questions about a specific segment? Comment on the graph and we’ll answer right on the dashboard. Want to show your teammates something amazing? Tag them right on the data. Dashboards transform into collaboration tools.

One source, one SaaS

Bridge all your data channels into a single meticulously managed warehouse. Decision Support brings all your data sources together. See the data in your stacks with just a few clicks. It’s your source of truth, so keep it close.

Dashing dashboards

Highlight what matters and hide what doesn’t. Our personalized dashboards allow you to map out your strategy and custom reporting all within the same beautifully designed UI.

Frequently asked questions

What is Decision Support?
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Decision Support is a headless Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provides the intelligence you need to build a modern culture of data for your ecommerce brand — think of it as a data science team in a box, complete with analytics, engineering, and data infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. 

Decision Support, you’ll be able to easily merge all your data sources (e.g. your email marketing data, advertising data, customer reviews data, SMS data, loyalty program data, and more) to create a single customer profile so you can deliver a personalized and consistent experience for your customers across all channels. 

Our simple and interactive dashboard allows you not only to quickly access key metrics that are important for your store’s growth, but also to build customized and ad-hoc reports.

Take ownership of your customer data with Decision Support, so you can be data-driven without needing to build an in-house data team.
How is Decision Support different from Segments?
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Decision Support is for customers who want data ownership, collaboration with the Segments team, and support with data-driven business decisions. It is best for teams who are just getting started with building a modern culture of data and need some help getting started.

Our Decision Support customers have direct access to the team behind Segments; we take the extra time to understand your business questions and requests, build your data infrastructure to merge all your data sources, and create customizable dashboards so you can easily monitor key metrics.
Who is a good fit for Decision Support?
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Premium Support is for high volume merchants who want to create a single source of truth from your multiple data sources. You are looking to deeply understand your customers’ purchase patterns and behavior, the performance of your marketing channels, and answer strategic business questions.

The problems you are facing include:
- Having issues with data integrity
- Unable to have a single source of truth across your numerous data silos (due to all the various marketing channels and Shopify apps you may use)
- Can’t afford expensive enterprise CRMs and CDPs with features you don’t need
- Don’t want to build or maintain an in-house data team
How much does Premium Support cost?
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Please fill out our questionnaire and we will be in touch with a quote!
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