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Building customer relationships, one segment at a time.

We love data

Not everyone needs to be a data scientist, but every brand should have access to one.

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Be Simple

We believe everyone should be able to benefit from data without becoming data scientists. Our team works to make data intuitive, even when the background computing is deep and convoluted.

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Give guidance

Our users are smart and scrappy. They have the drive, we just show the way. Our products uncover deep data insights that allow users to confidently take action and accelerate the growth of their brand.

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Work together

We balance the fine line between offering insights and pushing outcomes. We build our products to place decision making firmly in the users hands while ensuring assistance is always within reach.

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Inform growth

We bring actionable data at the point of decision making. We religiously avoid extraneous charts and graphs. We believe analytics should provide information that’s relevant at at the moment it’s relevant.

Meet the Team

Data is always ready to help

We love data because it's always there when you need it. See how we make the best of data.

Data understands

Your customer’s habits are coded deep within your data.

Segments was built to surface customer insights and product journeys. Brand decisions made with data convert faster and keep customers longer.

Data deep dives

Customer and product journeys can be complex but we are always curious about the next big thing to be found in your data.

From Product Cross-Sell to Customer Cohort, we dive deep to find the hidden treasure.

Data gets it done

Insights should spur momentum, not create more questions.

All recommendations are actionable and powered by machine learning. We built Segments to help your brand move forward with data.

Data is connected

Understanding is the first step, but taking action starts the journey.

Segments syncs directly into leading marketing platform because we want you to be deeply connected with customers wherever they can be found.

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Our team is your team

Not everyone needs to be a data scientist, but everyone should have access to one. We believe the incredible value that data provides large tech companies should be available to every business, big or small.