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We started Segments because we believe marketing can be made easier with data. More importantly, we love helping thousands of Shopify brands build ever-lasting relationships with their customers, one segment at a time.



Numbers and charts don’t run businesses, you do.We help our customers level up their marketing through a series of guided paths and recommendations.

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Our team is always thinking about ways to help our customers understand their customers and build meaningful relationships. We love data and we love helping our customers grow with data—your success is our success.

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We take great pride in making the complex simple. We want to build the “un”dashboard, so our customers can take ROI positive actions through visually compelling analytics.



We are entrepreneurs making the enterprise accessible to all. We build with precision and move fast, and we are highly responsive to customer feedback. We treat data integrity with great care and protect the privacy of your customers.

Our vision is to enable any ecommerce brand in the world to thrive with data.

We are here to make data compassionate. Most of us are stuck after we are presented with lots of data and charts. We don't know what to do to improve. That’s because most tools expect you to find the answer yourself, which is not always easy.

What’s the first thing you do when you have a question? You search! What if you could find the answers you need already built into the analytics? We want to build a platform where every brand can have access to the same analytical powers enjoyed by large enterprises, and easily take action through guided recommendations to improve marketing ROI.

We love data, and we love helping our customers solve their problems with data.

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Make more money from your customer data with our prebuilt segmentation and actionable marketing insights.

Segments is the best we've found

The analytics, UX, and design of how data is presented is very intuitive and questions we had about our customers were answered in one of the many different tabs. Don't think we'll need a data team for a while as this will take us far.

I highly, highly, recommend Segments by Tresl

I've been working in digital marketing for 10 years, and I would recommend this app/service as highly as any I've ever endorsed. We've been using Tresl and interacting with the team for more than 2 months, and their app + the service they provide has had a significantly positive impact on our business.

Segments by Tresl was a DATA LIFESAVER

Segments by Tresl was a DATA LIFESAVER for my company – breaking down crucial customer loyalty data that would have otherwise been costly and difficult to for our small beauty skincare brand. Their team of data scientists are top-notch, responsive and helpful. This is a must-have for any brand that wants to use data to inform their marketing strategy. Our secret weapon for staying ahead of the beauty industry.