Why Segments

A single source of truth without writing a single line of code. Segments Analytics makes data analytics accessible to every business owner, data savvy or starter.

Power of a CDP. Flow of a CRM.
Accessible as an app.

Self-serve segmentation

On average, new users builds 7 segments and syncs within their first month.

Discover profitable prebuilt segments as soon as your data is loaded in the system. Then rapidly test campaigns and optimize your flows.

Automated integrations

Plug-and-play with the marketing tools you already love.

All your data is streamlined within hours. No database maintenance, server upkeep, or file management. You run your business, and we’ll run the rest.

No code & no risk

No-code means no hoops to jump through.  We house all the infrastructure.

There’s no risk of overwriting data, slowing your site down, or being forced to add code snippets to the backend.  All seamless and hassle free.

By experts, for everyone

This is data science built by data scientists. We’ve built tried—and-true analytics based on our time in leading data-centric tech companies.  

Our app is fully certified and trusted by Shopify, so you know you're in safe hands.

A note from the founders

Everyone should have the power to leverage data

Every company, large or small, should have the power to leverage data in the pursuit of possibilities.

As a part of the LinkedIn data team, our job was targeting the right users for different campaigns in an activity we endearingly called “list pulls”.  Essentially, we stack-ranked users based on specific criteria and a likelihood to buy target solutions. Our teams developed massive tables covering hundreds-of-millions of rows of data including user engagement metrics, zero party and first party alike, to support our segmentation efforts.

LinkedIn became very good at this. But what made it tick was the support of hundreds of data scientists, engineers, and marketers.  It was quickly apparent to us that the enormous benefits of data were just not practically accessible to anyone outside of big tech.

We wanted that to change.

Tresl was founded to give modern online business access to data technologies to transform their growth.  We provide the necessary infrastructure & the data know-how to level the playing field.

We hope you love Segments, as much as we love data.

John & Tony

Discover profitable segments

Don’t wait to put your customer data to work. Download Segments and enjoy a full-featured 2-week free trial.

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The ultimate customer segmentation tool

Built by data scientists to be a marketer’s best friend.

Sync audiences directly into your marketing channels

Easily plug and play audiences lists into channels like Klaviyo, Google, and Facebook.

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What is the difference between

Segments Analytics



In short: Klaviyo sends the emails but Segments Analytics figures out who to target.

Identify profitable segment on Segments and sync to Klaviyo automatically

Analyze audience metrics in real-time, unify your data, and sync audiences across channels using Segments Analytics.

Create targeted campaigns on Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email service provider with the ability to build segmented campaigns and flows.

Data works with you

Not everyone needs to be a data scientist, but everyone should have access to one.  
We believe the incredible value that data provides large tech companies should be available to every business, big or small.