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Segments helps you grow your business with data. Increase repeat revenue with our prebuilt segmentation and actionable insights.


Best for new businesses building out your niche. Up to $200K USD revenue.

Pre-built customer segments

1 year of data analysis

5,000 customers per export

2 team accounts

Email and Facebook integration


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Best for high volume merchants and large businesses.
$2M+ USD revenue.

Everything in Growth +

Unlimited data analysis

Unlimited customer export

20 team accounts

Priority data processing and support


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Over 150,000 customers?

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Lifecycle journey

Nurture customers across active, at-risk or churned. Optimize marketing ROI by targeting customers with the most potential.

Executive summary

Monitor your business at a glance, with 14+ metrics such as AOV, ARPU, Repeat customers %, and Churn.

Powerful segmentation

Access 30+ automated customer segments such as Top spenders, Most likely to churn, and Active loyals. Build your own with custom definitions.

Customer cohorts

Follow each cohort of new customers from their first purchase to month 12. Review 30/60/90/180 day revenue and identify 1st order dropoff rate.

Email campaign ROI

Analyze email campaign performance including open rate, click rate, conversions, and revenue for 1-day and 7-day periods.

Product cross-sells & combos

Discover commonly purchased product combos for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I change plans whenever needed?
Yes. You can change plans whenever needed. We don't have complicated contracts, and we understand that businesses' needs can change fast with the market. If you need to temporarily pause, you can change to the Free Forever plan to keep all your data and segments intact until you're ready to come back.

All plans are charged via Shopify Billing.
Do you offer a trial so I can try out the platform first?
Yes, all stores get a 14-day free trial with the full suite of analytics, segments, and recommendations. You only pay when you explicitly upgrade to a paid plan. If you haven't gotten enough value after the trial, you will automatically continue on our free plan.
How many customer segments do I get? Can I create more?
We automatically create 30+ prebuilt customer segments for you when you install. You can create as many segments as you need, on any paid plan (Small business, Growth, or Enterprise). Syncing segments to different marketing channels are limited by plan size. If you need to take a break, you can downgrade to free to keep your segments around.
How long does it take to get started?
Onboarding your store, including generating new models, can take anywhere from a few hours to (very rarely) a few days. Once your segments are ready, you can immediately connect your marketing channels and begin experimenting — we recommend syncing your Lifecycle journey and setting up nurture flows.
What is the difference between Shopify analytics and Segments?
Shopify analytics gives you live, everyday metrics that help you understand the basics of how your store is doing. Segments gives you deep insights into your customers. In 1-click, you can get access to customer lifetime value predictions, product purchase patterns and recommendations, lifecycle journey, and 30+ prebuilt customer segments that can plug & play with your marketing channels and are proven to convert.
What is the difference between Klaviyo and Segments?
Klaviyo is an email automation platform that offers a rich set of features to build email campaigns and trigger-based flows that help you reach your customers. Segments is a data marketing platform that turns your Shopify data into powerful insights and recommendations you can use to turbocharge marketing and improve ROI.

Segmenting on first party data
has never been easier.

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