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Build precise segments using everyday language, powered by AI

A SegmentsGPT (like ChatGPT) for building customer segments by using natural language, tapping into a wide suite of attributes

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Powered by AI


Build precise segments using everyday language, powered by AI.

Customers who spent more than $500 in the last year



Total spend
more than
Date range
2022-01-01 - 2023-01-01

Total segment size


Average order value


Average number of orders


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FilterGPT prompts
smart scan for growth opportunities

Smart scan your growth opportunities

Segments is your AI-powered CRM for Shopify. We integrate with key marketing channels and scan for opportunities to improve customer retention with segmentation.

Segment with ease

Describe your segment with natural language, and watch the magic happen.

Sync segments to your daily channels

Sync directly into your marketing channels

Easily plug and play our customer segments into channels such as Klaviyo, Google, Facebook, and more.

On average,
Segments users see double-digit growth with just 5-7 segments synced across major marketing channels.

Integrate with your favorite marketing channels like Google, meta...etc

Case study

shortyLOVE sees 400% increase in Klaviyo revenue using Segments

"Using Segments prebuilt segments and customer lifecycle grid we increased our email marketing revenue 400% quarter on quarter. Segments is a must have Shopify app for any store serious about scaling their online eCommerce growth."

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Struggling to target your audience effectively?

Our team of data and marketing experts is here to assist you. Reach out anytime for personalized guidance and audits to optimize your marketing efforts, ensuring your success.

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Access 30+ prebuilt customer segments from the moment you load Segments.  We've identified the most valuable launching point for brands to better understand their customers’ purchase habits. On average, Segments users see double-digit growth with just 5-7 segments synced across major marketing channels.

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High spenders

Customers who spent the most during a selected time range

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Active repeats

Customers with 2 purchases and likely to convert again

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At-risk one-timers

Customers with 1 purchase and at risk of churning

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At-risk repeats

Customers with 2 purchases but at risk of churning

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Churned loyals

Customers with 3+ purchases and beyond the active buying window

Create custom segments

Create your own custom segments with our powerful Segment Builder tool. Build custom definitions and pivot them across data sets to uncover hidden treasures in Product Journey or Customer Cohorts.

To uncover more growth opportunities, upgrade your plan to include Premium Segmentation, where our data scientists can create data-mined segments tailored fit to your business.


Data Integrations

Segments converts data insights into the right marketing message wherever your top customers reside. Integrations supports syncing segments across email, Facebook, and Google. Build targeted campaigns and lower CAC with custom audiences.