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Customer Segmentation: 30+ prebuilt segments that help you convert

June 30, 2021

Sync our 30+ pre built segments to increase revenue and engagement on your Shopify store

Prebuilt customer segments

This blog post is part of our series on Customer Segmentation and if you haven’t already check out our posts on introducing the core concepts around customer segmentation and our second post on segmentation based on engagement. The most important takeaway is how important customer segmentation really is. Studies have shown that marketing campaigns sent to segmented customers can result in a 200% increase in conversions

In this blog post we’ll showcase the true power of our app, Segments and the 30+ prebuilt revenue based customer segments we’ve created for you using your Shopify store data.

Once you install Segments on your Shopify store, you need to navigate to Segments drop in the left hand side menu → (in the dropdown menu) Click My Segments. On the new screen you will see pre-populated customer segments based on your Shopify store revenue.

All segments page
Screenshot of Segments app (sample data)

Best of all you click the “Auto Sync” button on the right hand side of the screen (next to each segment) and sync your favorite segment direct to your Facebook ad account and email service provider (we currently integrate with Klaviyo, Drip, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign. We will be adding Omnisend in the coming months).

Active loyals segment

If you’re new or just started segmenting your customer base we’d recommend starting with the following segments and strategies:

1. Churned Customers - these are customers who have churned and aren’t purchasing from your store any longer

Action 👉  Sync this segment with Facebook Ads and your email service provider

Goal 👉  You want to attract these customers back to purchase from your store again

Tactic 👉  Once the audience is synced into Facebook Ads and your email provider send a targeted email campaign and activate Facebook ads with the same offer message enticing these customers to purchase from your store again (Pro tip - remember to create a new campaign in Facebook Ads and to “tag” the segment in your email provider to make reporting super easy)

2. Active Loyals - these are customers who are loyal to your brand and you need to ensure these customers stay happy!

Action 👉  Sync this segment with Facebook Ads and your email service provider

Goal 👉  You want to keep these customers happy and engaged

Tactic 👉  Depending on your marketing campaigns, you can either add this audience as a “negative or excluded audience” on Facebook ads to ensure they aren’t bombarded by offers they’ve already used or discounts they’ve used. On email, you can request these customers to provide brand feedback and / or send targeted one off campaigns to give early access to new collections and exclusives

3. Active One Timers - these are customers who are active on your store and have purchased only once

Action 👉  Sync this segment with Facebook Ads and your email service provider

Goal 👉  Encourage these customers to buy again from your store and potentially convert them into loyal customers

Tactic 👉  Once the audience is synced into Facebook Ads we’d recommend setting up a retargeting campaign based on their last purchase and offering a small percentage off discount if possible and / or reiterating the key USPs for why they should buy from your brand. Remember the goal is to encourage a repurchase so it’s important to put your best foot forward for these customers

The above 3 segments are just a few available in the Segments app and targeting the above segments on an ongoing basis is what makes leveraging Segments on your Shopify store so incredibly important.

Here are some of the other prebuilt segments that we automatically build for you in Segments
  • Most likely to buy - Customers who are most likely to purchase based on recency.
  • Increase purchase frequency - Customers who are good candidates for increasing purchase frequency
  • At risk high value - Customers in the top quartile of order values, and at risk of churning
  • At risk new sign ups - New signups who haven't purchased and are at risk of churning
  • At risk repeats - Customers with 2 purchases, and at risk of churning

For access to all 30+ prebuilt customer segments, check out the Segments app for a free 14-day trial. Our easy-to-use customer segments and actionable insights can help grow your store's revenue. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for more #ecommerce tips and tricks! Thanks for reading!

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