Feature Announcement - Product Journey Report Update

Increase repeat sales by analyzing what new customers bought next

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June 3, 2021

We’re excited to present our all new Product journey report. Aside from a new easy to use visual interface, we’ve made it easier than ever to identify what your customers bought after their first purchase.


How to access the Product Journey report

  1. (once you’re logged in to your Segments app) Navigate to the LHS menu
  2. Click Products
  3. Click Product Journey

How to make the most of the Product Journey report

Once you open the Product Journey report we recommend searching for your top selling products and clicking on the product. Once you click on the 1st order, hit “find next purchase” andthe 2nd order will populate (clicking on the 2nd order will populate the 3rd order).

👉  Find one of your most popular first order products, and see what the top second order products are.

👉  Filter and save a new segment with 1 order, and First purchase product with the popular first product you found in the previous step.

👉  Sync this segment to your email platform. Now you’re ready to experiment with flows for recommending the 2nd product based on your research.

👉  Cross sell or upsell existing / new customers with discounts for purchasing the 1st, 2nd orders together

We’re really proud of this new report and would love your feedback.

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