June 3, 2022

Increase retention and sales by targeting the right products and replenishment cycles

How to setup your email replenishment strategy through Segments

When it comes to purchasing replenishable items, timing is crucial. For example, a customer may restock their pet food every month, or they may replace his toothbrush every three months.
You can segment your customers based on these behaviors and send relevant reminders when it is time to restock.
Tresl Segments helps you find the right products to feature and its repurchase cycles, information you can then leverage in your replenishment flow to target your customer with a well-timed restock incentive.

Steps to implement

  1. Use the Product Journey feature to identify your most popular replenishables.
  2. Take a note of their optimal repurchase timings and replenish rates.
  1. Using the information above, set email triggers up incentivizing your customer to restock. See flow logics example using Klaviyo below.
  • Set the trigger based on the last order consisting of your chosen product
  • Create your restock reminder email and set the wait time based on your established repurchase cycle. Good practice is to send your email a few days before the product should be purchased again.
  • You'll also want to ensure that customers who make a purchase after entering this flow are removed.

Optimization and other considerations

Timing optimization  - AB test your flow using slight timing adjustments to find the optimal timing with the highest conversion rate

Personalize your content - Styling your email that corresponds to the shown product with its theme can go a long way

Reminder email - Consider adding reminder email to your flow for when the customer doesn’t convert in a certain time.

Next up: Cross sell and upsell with product journey