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Segments year 4 review

January 7, 2024

John, co-founder and CEO of Tresl Segments, shares a 2023 recap as well as an exciting roadmap for 2024. In this personal letter, John highlights Tresl'scommitment to simplifying segmentation and enhancing personalization through Generative AI.

Dear friends,

As one of our valued customers, I just wanted to thank you for your support and to give you an update into where Tresl Segments is headed in 2024. But first, a quick recap of where we started, and a few key AI features we launched in 2023 to help simplify segmentation.

On the afternoon of Mar. 18, 2018, at the corner table of a local coffee house, my co-founder Tony and I drafted the initial vision for our product, “AI for email marketing”

We wanted to commoditize data-driven marketing, in the full sense of the word—fully autonomous systems based on data, built for marketers, without needing expensive infrastructure or engineers to manage it all. For that, we’ve built solutions to support the decision-making process, including data integrations, predictive models, segmentation engine. Still, we were stuck with generation—how do we turn hundreds of segments into campaigns?

We found the answer in Generative AI.

In 2023, we’ve made significant updates to our product, Tresl Segments, including several AI-first features incorporating LLMs:

  1. FilterGPT—the first natural language segmentation on Shopify on June 8, 2023, 6 months before Klaviyo. Now everyone can say what they want, and AI figures out how to apply the right logic and create the segment. No more fiddling with confusing filters or and/or operators, just type “first time customers in Italy in November”. It’s like a “mini” Google search bar—it gives us user intent, and even unsuccessful attempts fuel future roadmap.

  1. ReportGPT—conversational analytics and report builder. You can say things like “What are the top 10 repeat purchased products in 2023”, and get the answer yourself as a table or chart, without the help of data scientists. Since most requests are long-tail, rarely repeated, and time-sensitive, marketers can now self-serve and share reports with their team and stakeholders.

  1. Built with Shopify (embedded)—now customers can create segments and manage CRM sync across email, SMS, Meta, Google, etc. directly within their Shopify admin dashboard. Shopify launched “Built with Shopify” initiative to encourage apps to work natively in Shopify, and we’re doubling down on this on our path to be the CRM for Shopify. 

And so where are we headed next? Our team is hard at work to launch CampaignGPT, a generative campaign planner, in the next few months. Personalization sucks because if you have to double the number of campaigns for different customer segments, that means double the amount of work it takes to create—and that’s why no one wants to do it. What if you don’t have to, and instead AI helps you turn 1 campaign into 10 variations for different segments across email, SMS, and paid ads? That’s 10x the amount of campaigns in one tenth the amount of time it takes to make. Whoa.

The future of CRM is generative. We look forward to another amazing year in 2024. If you have any suggestions or features you would love to see from the Tresl Segments team in 2024, drop me a note. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and seeing how else we can help.

Thanks for reading,

John Chao

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