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Win More Holiday 2021 Customers By Leveraging Your Shopify 1st Party Data

September 17, 2021

Listen to our founder and CEO, John Chao, share more about data-driven marketing strategies and customer segmentation tips for the upcoming Holiday 2021 season on our favorite podcast eCommerce Fastlane!

Leverage your Shopify first-party data in BFCM 2021

For this week's blog post, we wanted to share the latest episode of one of our favorite podcasts, eCommerce Fastlane! This podcast is specifically focused on exploring different Shopify marketing strategies and how to grow your ecommerce brand. In this episode, our founder and CEO, John Chao, was invited to be on the show for a third time to share more about data-driven marketing strategies and customer segmentation tips for the upcoming Holiday 2021 season.

Below are the show notes from eCommerce Fastlane, be sure to tune in. Find more info here: https://ecommercefastlane.com/podcast/episode-189/

In today’s episode, my guest is John Chao the Co-Founder of Tresl, the developer of Segments. They are a Shopify app that helps store owners and marketing team scale their revenue by leveraging targeted customer segmentation paired with advanced data analytics.

It’s all presented and actionable in an easy-to-understand visual manner. I’m excited to learn more about how Segments is the goto superpower of many Shopify brands and how to leverage it to have an extremely successful holiday season.

What You Will Learn Today

  • How to segment your customers to improve conversions and repeat revenue.
  • Why BFCM 2021 is extremely important for Shopify brands to get right.
  • How to make key data points accessible and actionable.
  • The tactics on how to make the iOS 14.5 and looming iOS 15 updates into your brand’s superpower.

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