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RealChai achieves 5x ROI by winning back churned customers with personalized campaigns using Segments

Real Chai
Food and Beverages

ROI (Return on Investment) growth
Click through rate lift
“I am so glad I discovered segments. It gives me easy access to data that I previously been unable to see at glance and it then seamlessly integrates this data with my facebook and email marketing. I love it.”
Anthea from RealChai

RealChai installed Segments to figure out their customer lifetime value and other customer metrics. But beyond just being another analytics app, RealChai found that with Segments they could easily find actionable customer data insights and sync those segments to facebook and email marketing to create more customized campaigns. The result? 3-4x lift in click-through-rates.

Meet RealChai

RealChai is not just any ordinary tea company, it's a passion project brought to life by Anthea, a tea lover who traveled the world in search of the perfect cup of chai. After coming back to Australia and not being able to find a tea that compared to her exotic experiences, Anthea took matters into her own hands and started blending her own tea blends for people to make at home. Her dedication and love for chai led her to create RealChai, a company that raises the bar for their customers with its unique, hand-blended, 100% natural tea blends. Each blend is made with only real tea and spices, with no artificial flavors or colors, ensuring that every sip is a true representation of the exotic flavors that inspired Anthea's journey. 

RealChai's Sugar Free Chai Latte


Quickly building customer lists for personalized product offers

RealChai had a challenge of quickly segmenting their customers and creating customer lists for the personalized marketing campaigns. Specifically, RealChai wanted to reach out to their churned one-time customers and promote their products in a personalized way; they had both a sugar and sugar-free option and did not want to send the wrong product promotions to their customers. However, RealChai faced difficulties in quickly filtering and segmenting their data to identify these specific customers. 


Segments helps RealChai filter and find churned one-time customers based on their product preferences

With Segments, RealChai was able to filter and find churned one-time customers and separate them based on their preferences for sugar and sugar-free products. 

RealChai synced these segments to Klaviyo and ran campaigns with a special offer. For sugar lovers, Anthea offered sugar chai deals, and for sugar-free customers, she offered promotions on her sugar-free products. Because of her personalized and targeted approach, Anthea was able to win back some churned customers with 3-4x lifts on click-through-rates compared to her normal campaigns, leading to a 5x ROI on the cost of Segments.

RealChai was able to easily apply filters in the Segments app to identify and find churned sugar-free one-time customers for their personalized outreach

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