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Woolman increases profitability by focusing on high CLV customers with Segments

Marketing Agency

"Using Segments has helped increase our reporting abilities and reduce the amount of manual time our team needed to spend each week reporting key metrics to clients."
Mikko from Woolman

Meet Woolman

At Woolman, we enhance commerce through speed and convenience, building and maintaining the most flexible solutions for our clients, so that no company will be afraid to take their next step forward. From concept to conversion, we kick complexity to the curb and build Shopify stores that your customers will love. We’re here to help our clients every step of the way.


Finding a Shopify app built specifically to make data accessible and reduce manual calculations and bring to the fore key customer segments for us to target across our digital channels

Working with the largest Shopify Plus stores across Europe, the Woolman team were looking for a Shopify app that would integrate seamlessly with their clients Shopify data and take away the tedious hours spent manually calculating key metrics like Customer Lifetime Value, Order frequency, and other important metrics.

The Woolman team trialled a number of data analytics apps and settled on Segments by Tresl after a thorough selection process.

According to Lead Growth Hacker, Mikko Rekola, Segments demonstrated an ability to easily extract and transform Shopify data into meaningful actionable insights that have saved the Woolman team countless hours each week and most importantly surfaced key customer insights in an easy to understand, actionable manner.


The insights, segmentation, and easy to digest reports from Segments by Tresl make data-driven marketing for our clients straightforward and actionable.

For the Woolman team Segments was set apart,

  1. Communication and support - as an agency partner, the Woolman team have always had direct access to the C-suite and data team at Segments. This deep level of team access provided Woolman to quickly learn how to make the most of the app but also upskill their team in data analytics
  2. Data analysis - the level of data analysis readily available in the app helped the Woolman team save countless hours having previously spent this time manually calculating customer metrics for reports. Woolman Shopify Plus believe Segments provides easy to understand visual insights across any date range
  3. Ease of use - the most important part of Segments is how easy it is to use and gain insights from. Even junior staff at Woolman are able to review, quickly ascertain key data points from the app at a moments notice
  4. Store profitability - one of the most important features for Woolman as an agency is how Segments highlights why it's so important to focus on Shopify stores with strong customer lifetime values. Viewing this key metric, Woolman shifted their focus from all customers to more profitable ones increasing their agency retention and profitability

Lastly, the ability to sync segments directly to Klaviyo, Facebook, Google Ads and Omnisend has helped our performance marketing teams develop a seamless cross channel media plan for our clients.

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