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December 2023

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In July, the most common discount ratio across the 350+ stores was 10%

Your guide to understanding key trends and insights for December

Actionable data insights from analysis of 350+ stores.

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior during December to inform your marketing strategies.

Craft effective campaigns with our subject line analysis.

Use popular words and phrases in your subject lines to increase email open rates and click-through rates.

Craft effective campaigns with our subject line analysis.

Use popular words and phrases in your subject lines to increase email open rates and click-through rates.

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Unveiling December's data insights

In this section, we'll delve into the data insights we've gathered from previous December campaigns. These insights will help you understand customer behavior during this period and inform your marketing strategies


Promotional deals in December 2022

The average discount ratio in our database was 14.99%. Here’s the breakdown by industry:

Here's the breakdown by Industry:


Average discount ratio

Beauty & Fitness




Food & Drink




Pets & Animals





Popular subject lines

The most popular words in the December 2022 subject lines were ‘sale’, ‘save’, and ‘free’. Incorporating these words in your subject lines could enhance your email open rates.

Here are the phrases with highest Click-through rates:






Limited time

Free gift

Last chance

Key takeaways & suggested strategies:

  • Use seasonally relevant words in subject lines to improve open rates.
  • Phrases suggesting urgency or exclusivity can lead to higher engagement.
  • Our marketing expert George Sylvain recommends mentioning specifically that a countdown series is great for building urgency and a “last day to order gifts for guaranteed xmas delivery” is a top revenue generator. 72 hours / 48 hours / 24 hours / final 12 hours to order gifts with xmas delivery" sequences really work.


Email send dates in December 2022

Notable email dispatch dates were December 1st, with spikes on December 10th, 20th, and 24th.

Key takeaways & suggested strategies:

  • Plan major email campaigns around these dates for optimal engagement.
  • Use a phased approach for holiday-themed campaigns, starting early in the month.


Preparing for End-of-Year Promotions

Start planning early December for end-of-year sales.

Key takeaways & suggested strategies:

  • Launch teaser campaigns followed by main promotions, concluding with last-minute offers.
  • Differentiate your messaging with creative approaches.


Suggested Email Campaigns

December 1st:  Welcome December Sale ❄️
December  4th: Winter Essentials Flash ⛷️
December 13th:  Last-Minute Gift Ideas 🎁
December 14th:  Last-Minute Gifts part 2 🛍️
December 15th:  Last-Minute Gifts part 3⏰
December 17th:  Countdown to Christmas Sale ⌛
December 22nd: Holiday Clearance Event 🛒
December 25th: Wish your Customers Happy Holidays 🎄
December 26th: Treat yourself Special 🥳
December 31st: New Year’s Resolutions Inspiration 🚀

See below for more details and examples!

Email campaigns for December

icon image

Friday, December 1, 2023

Welcome December Sale

icon image

Monday, December 4, 2023

Winter Essentials Flash Sale

icon image

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Exclusive Member Appreciation Day

icon image

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

icon image

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Last-Minute Gift Ideas part 2

icon image

Friday, December 15, 2023

Last-Minute Gift Ideas part 3

icon image

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Countdown to Christmas Sale

icon image

Friday, December 22, 2023

Holiday Clearance Event

icon image

Monday, December 25, 2023

Wish your Customers Happy Holidays

icon image

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Treat yourself Special

icon image

Sunday, December 31, 2023

New Year's Resolutions Inspiration


December isn't just the end of the year; it's a critical time for data-informed business strategies. Utilize this month to analyze yearly performance, forecast upcoming trends, and plan for robust holiday sales. Focus on data trends, customer behavior analytics, and effective market positioning. Let's end the year on a high note with a strong, data-backed approach.



Congratulations on navigating your Data-Driven December Marketing Calendar! We trust these insights and recommendations will motivate you to devise compelling, data-informed marketing campaigns. The essence of effective marketing is comprehending your customers and their behaviors. By harnessing data and tailoring your strategy, you can captivate your customers in unprecedented ways. Eager to elevate your marketing game? Try Tresl Segments today and unlock the full potential of your data.

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