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In July, the most common discount ratio across the 350+ stores was 10%

Your guide to understanding key trends and insights for January

Actionable data insights from analysis of 350+ stores.

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior during January to inform your marketing strategies.

Craft effective campaigns with our subject line analysis.

Use popular words and phrases in your subject lines to increase email open rates and click-through rates.

Craft effective campaigns with our subject line analysis.

Use popular words and phrases in your subject lines to increase email open rates and click-through rates.

Get more free insights for January

Unveiling January's data insights

In this section, we'll delve into the data insights we've gathered from previous January campaigns. These insights will help you understand customer behavior during this period and inform your marketing strategies


Promotional deals in January 2023

The average discount ratio in our database was 14.99%. Here’s the breakdown by industry:

Here's the breakdown by Industry:


Average discount ratio

Beauty & Fitness




Food & Drink




Pets & Animals




Food for thought:

While Apparel and Home & Garden saw moderate discount ratios (10.98% and 10.20%), it’s crucial to analyze how these discounts translated into actual sales. Did lower discounts in Apparel mean higher profit margins without affecting sales? Contrastingly, did the higher discounts in Health (19.29%) significantly boost sales volumes, justifying the reduced margins?


Popular subject lines

Effective words included ‘save’, ‘new’, and ‘start’.
High click-through phrases: ‘New Year Sale’, ‘Start Fresh’, ‘Save Big’, ‘Winter Clearance’.

Here are the phrases with highest Click-through rates:




New Year Sale

Start Fresh

Save Big

Winter Clearance

Limited Time

Email send dates in January 2023


Notable spikes in engagement on January 1st, 7th, 15th, and 22nd.

Key takeaways & suggested strategies:

  • Higher engagement on specific dates such as January 7th and 15th might be linked to factors like pay cycles or coinciding marketing campaigns.
  • Suggestion: Investigate these patterns to inform the timing of future campaigns, optimizing send dates for maximum engagement.


Preparing for Post-Holiday and New Year Campaigns

Early January is crucial for leveraging New Year resolutions and post-holiday sales.

Key takeaways & suggested strategies:

  • Segmented Approach: Different customer segments, such as Churned High Value or Active Subscribers, exhibit distinct post-holiday behaviors.
    Suggestion: Develop segmented marketing strategies post-holidays, tailored to the unique tendencies and preferences of each segment.
  • Long-Term Engagement: Maintaining customer engagement post-holidays is crucial for sustained brand loyalty.
    Suggestion: Introduce loyalty programs or exclusive content to keep different segments engaged beyond discount-driven interactions.


Suggested Email Campaigns

January 1, 2024: New Year Celebration Sale 🎉
January 5, 2024:
Winter Wellness Essentials 🧘
January 7, 2024:
Weekend Specials: New Year, New You 💪
January 10, 2024:
Flash Sale on Trending Items
January 15, 2024:
Mid-Month Clearance Event 🛍️
January 22, 2024:
Valentine's Day Warm-Up 💘
January 25, 2024:
Wellness Wednesday: Rejuvenate Your Routine 🧖
January 31, 2024:
End-of-January Roundup 🏷️

See below for more details and examples!

Email campaigns for January

icon image

Monday, January 1, 2024

New Year Celebration Sale 🎉

Subject Line: "Happy New Year! 🌟 Kickstart 2024 with Amazing Deals!"

Target Segment: Most Likely to Buy, Active New Signups

Why: Capitalize on the eagerness of new signups and those showing recent engagement to start the year with a conversion.

Content Tips: Focus on New Year's resolutions with offers tailored to recent browsing behavior.

  • Personalization: Use data insights to personalize offers based on individual browsing history or past purchase behavior.
  • Storytelling: Craft a narrative around starting the New Year with positive changes, highlighting how your products can be part of that journey.


2023 Open Rate: 51.06%

icon image

Friday, January 5, 2024

Winter Wellness Essentials 🧘

Subject Line: "Embrace Winter Wellness! Stay Healthy & Cozy 🍵"

Target Segment: Active Loyals, Active Subscribers

Why: Loyals and subscribers, familiar with the brand, are more likely to engage with wellness-themed promotions.

Content Tips: Emphasize health and self-care products, possibly linking to subscription options for ongoing wellness needs.

  • Lifestyle-Centric: Position products within a broader wellness lifestyle, showcasing real-life customer stories or user-generated content.
  • Data Analysis: Include product recommendations based on previous purchase trends within these segments.


2023 Open Rate: 47.57%

icon image

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Weekend Specials: New Year, New You 💪

Subject Line: "This Weekend Only: Transform Your Year with Our Special Offers!"

Target Segment: Increase Purchase Frequency, One Timers

Why: Encouraging one-time buyers to make a second purchase and nudging those identified as having potential to buy more frequently.

Content Tips: Promote transformative products, possibly with a small discount to nudge conversion.

  • Email Effectiveness: Use A/B testing for subject lines to determine which resonates more with these segments.
  • Customer Lifecycle Focus: Address the gap between the first and second purchases with targeted messaging and incentives.


2023 Open Rate: 57.69%

icon image

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Flash Sale on Trending Items ⚡

Subject Line: "24-Hour Flash Sale! Don't Miss Out on Our Trendsetters 🔥"

Target Segment: High Spenders, Active Repeats

Why: High spenders and repeat customers are likely to be drawn to exclusive offers on trending items.

Content Tips: Showcase trendy, high-value products with a time-limited offer to create urgency.

  • Exclusivity: Emphasize the exclusive nature of the flash sale, creating a sense of VIP treatment for these segments.
  • Real-Time Data: Use real-time analytics to dynamically update the campaign based on immediate customer responses.


2023 Open Rate: 48.20%

icon image

Monday, January 15, 2024

Mid-Month Clearance Event 🛍️

Subject Line: "January Clearance: Incredible Deals Just for You!"

Target Segment: At Risk High Value, Churned High Value

Why: A clearance event can re-engage high-value customers who are at risk of churning or have already churned.

Content Tips: Highlight significant discounts, possibly with personalized recommendations based on past purchases.

  • Re-engagement Strategy: Develop personalized re-engagement emails, highlighting what they’ve missed and what’s new since their last purchase.
  • Feedback Loop: Include a short survey or feedback request to understand their lack of recent engagement.


2023 Open Rate: 51.30%

icon image

Monday, January 22, 2024

Valentine's Day Warm-Up 💘

Subject Line: "Get Ready for Love! Exclusive Valentine's Preview Just for You!"

Target Segment: Loyals, Active Loyals

Why: Loyal and consistently active customers are the ideal audience to introduce early Valentine's Day deals, capitalizing on their proven engagement and interest in special offers.

Content Tips: Showcase a curated selection of Valentine’s Day gifts and exclusive early-bird offers. Highlight products that have been popular with this segment in the past or new arrivals that align with their preferences.

  • Community Engagement: Encourage customers to share their favorite Valentine's Day stories or how they plan to celebrate this year, creating a sense of community and excitement around the holiday.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Offer bonus loyalty points or exclusive early access to new products for purchases during this campaign.


2023 Open Rate: 52.73%

icon image

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Wellness Wednesday: Rejuvenate Your Routine 🧖‍♀️

Subject Line: "Wellness Wednesday: Revamp Your Self-Care Rituals!"

Target Segment: Active Subscribers, Upsell Low Spenders

Why: Subscribers might be interested in adding wellness products to their subscriptions, and low spenders could be encouraged to increase their order value.

Content Tips: Promote subscription options for wellness products and offer attractive bundles to increase average order value.

  • Subscription Focus: For subscribers, offer easy add-ons to their existing subscriptions at a special rate.
  • Value Perception: For low spenders, emphasize the long-term value and cost-effectiveness of the products.


2023 Open Rate: 53.42%

icon image

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

End-of-January Roundup 🏷️

Subject Line: "Last Chance in January! Catch These Deals Before They're Gone!"

Target Segment: Win-back High Value, Churned Customers

Why: An opportunity to re-engage high-value customers who have churned with attractive offers.

Content Tips: Recap the best deals of the month and offer an additional incentive for those who have not purchased recently.

  • Data-Driven Retargeting: Use data on previous purchase patterns to create highly targeted comeback offers.
  • Urgency and Exclusivity: Communicate that this is a special opportunity exclusively for those who haven’t engaged recently.


2023 Open Rate: 52.49%


January is a prime opportunity to re-engage with all your new customers from the holiday season. It is a key month for reconnecting with these customers and converting them from one-timers to repeat customers.

Leverage your data, identify trends, and refine your targeting strategies. Focus on the behaviors of these new customers and create tailored re-engagement campaigns.



Congratulations on navigating your Data-Driven January Marketing Calendar! We trust these insights and recommendations will motivate you to devise compelling, data-informed marketing campaigns. The essence of effective marketing is comprehending your customers and their behaviors. By harnessing data and tailoring your strategy, you can captivate your customers in unprecedented ways. Eager to elevate your marketing game? Try Tresl Segments today and unlock the full potential of your data.

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