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In July, the most common discount ratio across the 350+ stores was 10%

Your guide to understanding key trends and insights for March

Actionable data insights from analysis of 350+ stores.

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior during March to inform your marketing strategies.

Craft effective campaigns with our subject line analysis.

Use popular words and phrases in your subject lines to increase email open rates and click-through rates.

Craft effective campaigns with our subject line analysis.

Use popular words and phrases in your subject lines to increase email open rates and click-through rates.

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Unveiling March's data insights

In this section, we'll delve into the data insights we've gathered from previous March campaigns. These insights will help you understand customer behavior during this period and inform your marketing strategies


Promotional deals in March 2023

The average discount ratio in our database was 13.48%. Here’s the breakdown by industry:

Here's the breakdown by Industry:


Average discount ratio

Beauty & Fitness




Food & Drink






Food for thought:

Notably, industries like Travel and Health offered higher discounts, potentially to capitalize on post-New Year's resolution trends and early vacation planning. Apparel’s lower discount ratio potentially suggests a focus on maintaining profit margins.


Popular subject lines

Effective Words: 'sale', 'free', 'save', 'weekend' were key to higher open rates.
High Click-Through Phrases: 'early access', 'last chance', 'free shipping'.

These are popular subject lines across numerous stores in our database. Given that February's biggest holiday is Valentine’s Day, these high click-through rate subject lines and phrases are most likely around Valentine’s Day-themed campaigns (as well as US Presidents Day)

Here are the phrases with highest Click-through rates:





Early Access

last Chance

Free Shipping

Email send dates in February 2023


Notable spikes in customer engagement were observed on February 1st, 7th, 14th (Valentine's Day), and 21st (Presidents' Day).

Key takeaways & suggested strategies:

  • The start of each month typically has high engagement rates, as many brands have monthly kick-off campaigns. February 7th and 14th spikes are Valentine’s Day campaigns, with stores sending early access campaigns as early as 1 week before V-Day. February’s 21st spike is most likely due to Presidents Day, as Presidents Day was on Feb 20th last year in 2023.


Strategies for February Campaigns

Key takeaways & suggested strategies:

  • Segmented Valentine's Day Promotions

    Why It Works: February is synonymous with Valentine's Day, a key retail holiday. By segmenting your audience (e.g., singles, couples, families) and tailoring promotions accordingly, you can maximize relevance and appeal. For example, offering "Galentine's" deals to singles or "Date Night In" bundles for couples ensures that your messaging resonates with the specific needs and desires of each segment.

    Use data insights from past purchases and engagement to segment your audience effectively. Craft messages that speak directly to each group's unique Valentine's Day perspective.
  • Referral Programs and Loyalty Rewards

    Why It Works:
    February's focus on love and relationships can extend to brand loyalty. Encourage referrals through incentivized offers for your customer base can be good way to attract new customers. At the same time, rewarding customer loyalty further strengthens the emotional connection with your brand.

    Offer double points for purchases made in February or special rewards for customers who refer a friend this month. Make sure the referral process is simple and and easy!


Suggested Email Campaigns

March 1st: Spring cleaning 🧹
March 4th: International Women’s day preview 💖
March 6th: International Women’s: early access 👭
March 7th: International Women’s sale  🩷
March 11th: St. Patrick’s Day teaser 🍀
March 14th: St. Patrick’s Day announcement 🍀
March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day last chance ⏳
March 20th: First day of Spring 🌼
March 22nd: Spring Sale announcement ♨️
March 25th: Final sale: Spring ⏰
March 31st: April Fool’s teaser 🤡

See below for more details and examples!

Email campaigns for March

Marketing calendar 2024 March
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Friday, March 1, 2024

Spring cleaning 🧹

Subject Line: "Refresh Your Look and Spirit with Our Spring Favorites!"

Content Tips:

  • Highlight eco-friendly or organizational products in the spirit of spring cleaning.
  • Share spring cleaning tips that incorporate your products, adding value to the customer's experience.


2023 Open Rate: 43%

Average Revenue: $35,269

icon image

Monday, March 4, 2024

International Women’s Day Preview 💖

Subject Line: "Sneak Peek: Celebrate Her Strength with Exclusive Deals!"

Content Tips:

  • Introduce a curated collection featuring products made by women for women.
  • Include stories or quotes from inspiring women in your company or community


2023 Open Rate: 47%

Average Revenue: $56,342

icon image

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

International Women’s Day: Early Access 👭

Subject Line: "Exclusive Early Access: Empowerment Through Every Purchase!"

Content Tips:

  • Offer early access to your subscribers for special Women’s Day deals or collections.
  • Highlight the impact of their purchases, such as donations to women’s charities or support for women-owned businesses.


2023 Open Rate: 46%

Average Revenue: $49,248

icon image

Saturday, March 9, 2024

International Women’s Sale: Last Chance 🩷

Subject Line: The Last Day Of International Women's Day Sale !!! 👉Offer

Content Tips:

  • Showcase discounted products and how they align with the theme of empowerment and celebration.
  • Share testimonials or stories from female customers or employees.


2023 Open Rate: 51%

Average Revenue: $38,358

icon image

Monday, March 11, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day Teaser 🍀

Subject Line: "Feeling Lucky? 🍀 Sneak Peek at Our St. Patrick's Day Surprises!"

Content Tips:

  • Tease upcoming St. Patrick’s Day themed products or promotions.
  • Include a fun, interactive element like a quiz or a game to engage customers.


2023 Open Rate: 45%

Average Revenue: $88,600

icon image

Thursday, March 14, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day Announcement 🍀

Subject Line: "Go Green with Our St. Patrick’s Day Specials – Open for Luck!"

Content Tips:

  • Highlight St. Patrick's Day-themed products or bundles.
  • Encourage customers to wear green or share their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations featuring your products on social media.


2023 Open Rate: 47%

Average Revenue: $56,997

icon image

Sunday, March 17, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day Last Chance ⏳

Subject Line: "Last Call: Don’t Miss Out on St. Patrick’s Day Luck & Deals!"

Content Tips:

  • Emphasize the urgency and the “last chance” to take advantage of special offers.
  • Include customer reviews or photos of people enjoying previous St. Patrick’s Day products.


2023 Open Rate: 52%

Average Revenue: $35,755

icon image

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

First Day of Spring 🌼

Subject Line: "Hello, Spring! Refresh Your World with New Beginnings 🌼"

Content Tips:

  • Introduce new products or lines perfect for spring.
  • Provide spring-inspired lifestyle tips that complement your products.


2023 Open Rate: 51%

Average Revenue: $46,233

icon image

Friday, March 22, 2024

Spring Sale Announcement ♨️

Subject Line: "Spring Into Savings: Exclusive Deals Just Bloomed!"

Content Tips:

  • Showcase a variety of products that are perfect for the new season.
  • Offer a special spring discount or bundle to encourage purchases.


2023 Open Rate: 44%

Average Revenue: $42,717

icon image

Monday, March 25, 2024

Final Sale: Spring ⏰

Subject Line: "Spring Fling Finale: Last Chance for Blooming Deals!"

Content Tips:

  • Create a sense of urgency with a countdown to the end of the sale.
  • Highlight best-selling items of the season that are now at their lowest prices.


2023 Open Rate: 53%

Average Revenue: $46,339

icon image

Sunday, March 31, 2024

April Fool’s Teaser 🤡

Subject Line: "No Pranks. These deals are no joke’!"

Content Tips:

  • Tease an upcoming April Fool’s surprise or special in a playful and mysterious way.
  • Assure customers that while the fun is real, the deals are no joke.


2023 Open Rate: 49%

Average Revenue: $36,645


February is the season of love! Leverage your existing loyal customers and ask them to help spread the love and refer friends and family to your brand.

Use data to segment your audience and tailor offers around Valentine's and Presidents Day. Focus on creating relevant, segmented offers that resonate, and leverage the post-holiday period for strategic sales & offers to maintain engagement.



Congratulations on navigating your Data-Driven March Marketing Calendar! We hope these insights and recommendations help inspire you for your next data-driven marketing campaigns.

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