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Chain Social achieved 10x ROAS with precision targeting using Segments

Chain Social
Digital Marketing Agency

Australia, Victoria
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) growth
“Segments also gave our clients the data to deep dive into their customer purchase journeys and identify opportunities for cross-selling, resulting in an experience of 10 times or higher increase in ROAS through personalized approaches.”
Adele from Chain Social

Meet Chain Social

At Chain Social, their passionate team is dedicated to becoming the country's most trusted brand and digital marketing agency. They have a clear vision of taking innovative start-ups to the next level and enhancing the online presence of all their clients. Guided by their founder's belief of "It's nice to be nice" and fueled by their female intuition, they constantly challenge the status quo and push their clients to new heights. Moreover, they foster a collaborative and supportive environment that ensures every client receives a tailored and results-driven approach.

Before using Segments Analytics

Before implementing Segments, Chain Social utilized the targeting options available on Facebook and Google, including tools like Meta Pixel for remarketing campaigns and lookalike audiences. However, Chain Social was committed to delivering its clients the best possible ad-targeting strategy. Recognizing the importance of maximizing budget utilization, they sought a robust and efficient approach to enhance their ad targeting strategy and achieve optimal results.

Implementation of Segments Analytics

Chain Social turned to Segments, an AI marketing segmentation tool for Shopify brands, to refine their ad targeting strategy. By integrating Segments with their Facebook and Google ad campaigns, they gained access to advanced segmentation capabilities. This allowed them to create highly targeted campaigns based on specific customer segments, such as likely-to-buy, loyal customers, high spenders, and abandoned cart users.

Create custom segments with AI

With Segments, Chain Social tapped into the power of AI-powered segmentation to create highly customized segments tailored to their clients' unique needs. This allowed them to effortlessly define specific customer segments based on natural language queries, saving time and streamlining their segmentation process. The intuitive nature of our AI-powered segment builder empowered Chain Social to explore new segmentation possibilities and uncover valuable insights with ease, further optimizing their marketing workflow.

Creating refined segments based on product purchases and time duration is not possible with Klaviyo. This provides CS with greater control and opportunities to test multiple segments.

Results achieved

Through the use of Segments, Chain Social was able to tailor their ad campaigns to specific customer segments, resulting in improved engagement, conversions, and, ultimately, revenue growth.

By precisely targeting its audience segments, Chain Social experienced a remarkable increase in its return on ad spend (ROAS). Chain Social achieved a ROAS of 10x or higher, and customer shoppers overall felt more engaged with their brands thanks to their personalized and target approach.

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