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Navigating Multi-Platform Marketing: Freedom Ravewear's Segments Success Story (16x ROAS)

“This is one of those resources that helps my marketing director move more efficiently. Just having that grid the sign ups for one timers at risk churned, and being able to optimize our email and SMS campaigns around that has been very helpful.”
Michael Hodgens, Co-Founder of Freedom Ravewear
Fashion and Apparel
Year Founded:
San Diego

Intro - Meet Freedom Ravewear

Freedom Ravewear is a leading brand in the festival fashion industry, offering vibrant, unique, and high-quality rave clothing. Established in 2014 in sunny San Diego, California, this family-run business has evolved from a garage startup to an international brand cherished by ravers worldwide. Their mission is simple: to empower individuals to express their creativity and inspire moments of freedom and connection.

Their commitment goes beyond just creating rave gear. They are dedicated to sustainability, using environmentally-friendly materials, and supporting charitable causes. Every piece they create tells a story, making festival-goers not just customers but a part of their rave family.

Challenge: Managing cross-platform audiences

For Freedom Ravewear, building customer loyalty started with cross-platform personalization marketing, aiming to engage customers at different lifecycle stages through multiple touchpoints, including email, SMS, and paid ads. 

However, this strategy introduced a significant challenge: ensuring consistent audiences across all these platforms. Making sure audience lists were consistent across multiple channels, from Klaviyo to Facebook Ads to Google Ads, was turning into hours of manual work. This process was not only time-consuming but also lacked a unified approach, making it difficult to streamline marketing efforts across different channels.

Solution: Segments is their single source of truth for audiences

"Segments is the single source of truth between me and my marketing director. We build our segments here, and it powers all our lists with automated syncs."

That's where Segments came in. For Freedom Ravewear, it was like having a dedicated team member who specialized in audience management. No more importing and exporting customer lists to multiple channels. 

Segments streamlined their customer lists across channels, and provided clear and concise analytics quickly.  Here's what set Segments apart:

  • Ease of Use: Quickly create segments and test marketing ideas.
  • Audience-Specific Reporting: Gain deeper insights tailored to each audience segment.
  • Automated Syncs: Seamlessly sync customer lists across major platforms, eliminating the need for manual imports and exports.

The results? 16x ROAS.

“I have this retargeting sales campaign and the return on ad spend is 16x!”

Michael's strategy with Segments was clear. He grouped all the at-risk and churned segments into two audiences and retargeted them on Facebook with a re-engagement campaign. With a low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) between $3-$6, this approach yielded significant returns.

Ready to unlock valuable customer insights and audience syncs with Segments? Try it for free today!

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