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Curiada saves hours on reporting and tracks 34.2% of revenue from influencer referrals with Segments

Spirits and Liquor

New York
Revenue from influencer referrals identified
“​​I highly, highly, recommend Segments by Tresl. I've been working in digital marketing for 10 years, and I would recommend this app/service as highly as any I've ever endorsed”.
Joey from Curiada

Meet Curiada

Curiada is an online spirits marketplace, curating collections of the world's most distinctive spirits. Through a network of entrepreneurial distillers, distributors, and retailers, Curiada makes these spirits more available for people to explore and enjoy. 


Curiada’s content to commerce strategy requires more robust tracking and analytics than standard influencer and affiliate marketing programs.  

One of Curiada’s main drivers of business is influencer marketing. They enlist influencers to help refer new customers, and Curiada offers a shared revenue program based on the influencers’ referrals.

Due to the complexity of this program and a large number of influencers that they work with across various marketing channels, there was no out-of-the box solution that could help Curiada easily and accurately track the revenue each influencer generated from their efforts. With no solution on the market that could fit Curiada’s needs and budget, they were spending numerous hours every week manually calculating revenue share for each influencer. 


Tresl Segments produced influencer reports and dashboards according to Curiada’s needs and business logic to accurately track their referral program as well as other important business metrics.

Curiada was looking for a flexible and affordable solution to report accurate data from various data sources—the Segments team worked closely with Curiada to create a single source of truth they could trust.

Tresl Segments took the time during the initial onboarding process to really understand Curiada’s needs and worked closely with their executive team to make sure the business logic was correct. Within a month, Segments built multiple dashboards that reported metrics on Curiada’s segment of new customers by acquisition channel (where influencer marketing was the referring channel) and kept track of all of the new customer’s purchases over a year. 

By being able to easily check the revenue generated from new customers and their referring channels, Curiada was able to accurately attribute revenue driven and give influencers their fair share of the revenue. In fact, Segments was able to identify that 34.2% of their total revenue originated from influencer referrals.

Segments also provided reports that helped Curiada understand their most popular products, AOV per month, and other key ecommerce profitability metrics. Ultimately, Segments helped Curiada develop a more accurate understanding of their influencer marketing campaigns and how it affects their business, making data and information that was originally inaccessible available with 1-click.

Joey, the brand owner who has worked in ecom over a decade, was grateful for Tresl Segments data savviness that helped him create a single source of truth to run his business: “​​I highly, highly, recommend Segments by Tresl. I've been working in digital marketing for 10 years, and I would recommend this app/service as highly as any I've ever endorsed. We've been using Tresl and interacting with the team for more than 2 months, and their app + the service they provide has had a significantly positive impact on our business.”

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