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Segments by Tresl is a must add app for all our clients on Shopify

"Using Segments prebuilt segments, customer lifecycle grid, and product journeys has enhanced go-to-market strategies for our clients and helped KlewdUp deliver comprehensive revenue insights to all our Shopify clients."
Rattan from KlewdUp
Digital Marketing Agency
Year Founded:
Sydney, Australia

Meet KlewdUp

KlewdUp is a digital marketing consultancy based in Sydney, Australia with clients across the globe. KlewdUp was founded 4 years ago by industry veteran, Rattan Muttoo, whose career has spanned 15 years of working across leadership roles in technology SaaS companies and digital marketing agencies. KlewdUp works with leading eCom retailers across fashion, apparel, sports, health & beauty and furnishings.

Challenge - Sourcing a Shopify app that delivers C-suite ready summaries, makes RFM analysis a piece of cake, and models customers segments based on Shopify data!

Working with enterprise eCommerce clients eager for deeper insights and analysis from their Shopify data, the KlewdUp team trialled a number of data analytics apps and settled on Segments by Tresl after an exhaustive vendor selection process.

According to Consulting Director, Rattan Muttoo, Segments demonstrated an ability to easily extract and transform Shopify data into meaningful actionable insights that have delivered double digit revenue growth for our clients across Facebook Ads, email marketing and we’re now excited to see how we can further scale Google Ads by syncing Segments data directly into the app.

Solution - The insights, segmentation, and product reports from Segments by Tresl make data-driven marketing for our clients easy.

For the KlewdUp team a few things helped set the Segments app apart,

  1. Communication, support and training - having a direct line to the engineering team and to have our team upskilled on complex data analysis was invaluable. The training helped us deliver a greater level of expertise to our clients and enabled us to win new retainer work
  2. Data analysis - the level of data analysis readily available in the app helped the KlewdUp team save 15 hours worth of monthly reporting across our client base meaning we can focus on more meaningful strategic work which helped us driver greater client retention
  3. Insights, segmentation and product reports - the detailed RFM customer segments combined with easy to understand product journey reports really set the Segments app apart

Lastly, the ability to sync segments directly to Klaviyo, Facebook and Google Ads has helped our performance marketing teams develop a seamless cross channel media plan for our clients.

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