Engaging loyal customers

Unlock the potential of your loyal customer base with our specialized playbook. Discover tailored strategies for email marketing and Meta look-a-like audiences to enhance engagement and tap into new, high-conversion market segments.


About this segment

Loyal Customers: These are customers who have shown consistent engagement and purchasing behavior with your store. Recognizing and nurturing this segment is crucial as these customers often have higher lifetime values and act as brand ambassadors, promoting your products/services to their networks.


  1. Email Marketing Campaign - This involves sending targeted and personalized messages to enhance brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases.
  2. Look-a-like Audience on Meta (formerly Facebook) - This is to target potential customers on Meta who share similar characteristics and behaviors with your loyal customers, amplifying your chances of conversions.

Your loyal customers are gold. By targeting them with tailored email campaigns, you can reward them for their loyalty. Additionally, by using their data to create look-a-like audiences on Meta, you can tap into a new customer base that's just like your loyal customers!

1. Syncing loyal customer segment for email marketing

Step 1 - Connect your email marketing tool (e.g., Klaviyo) if you haven't. Here's a guide on how to integrate.

Step 2 - Sync the Loyal Customers segment from Segments to your email tool by selecting "Sync now."

Step 3 - In your email tool, craft a tailored campaign targeting this segment. Personalize it by using data points available like name, past purchase history, and more.

Suggested email template

Subject: Because you're special to [Brand Name]!

Hello [Customer Name],

Your loyalty to [Brand Name] doesn't go unnoticed. We have curated some exclusive deals and sneak-peeks just for you!

[Insert Exclusive Offer/Content]

Stay fabulous,
[Brand Name]
Patta vip email to show customer appreciation
Here's a sample Loyal customer appreciation email from Patta

2. Creating a look-a-like audience on Meta

Step 1 - Sync the Loyal Customers segment from Segments to Meta's Ads Manager.

Step 2 - In Meta's Ads Manager, navigate to Audiences.

Step 3 - Select “Create Audience” > "Lookalike Audience."

Step 4 - For your source, choose the Loyal Customers segment you just synced.

Step 5 - Define the audience size. A smaller audience may more closely resemble your source (Loyal Customers), but increasing size will give a broader reach.

Step 6 - Set up your ad campaign as usual, targeting this new look-a-like audience. Ensure your creatives and messaging resonate with the values and interests that make your loyal customers love your brand.

Pro tips

  • Engage Regularly: Even if it’s just a check-in or thank-you note, regular engagement can go a long way.
  • Exclusive Content: Loyal customers love behind-the-scenes content or being the first to know about upcoming sales or products.
  • Feedback Loop: Use this segment to get feedback on new product ideas or features.

We hope this playbook steers you in the right direction! Remember, your loyal customers are your biggest advocates. Treat them well and use their behaviors as a benchmark to attract more like them. For any assistance, click on the chat bubble, and we're here to help. Good luck!

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