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Segments analyzed White River's Shopify data to provide optimal customer purchase timings

"With Segments the guessing is replaced with science. When you have science on your side, you will always make more money.”
Richard Enriquez, Director of Marketing & eCommerce
Year Founded:

Meet White River 

White River is a leader in the design and manufacturing of elegant hardwood mouldings and wood carvings for the Millwork and Kitchen & Bath Industries. They offer over 3,000 decorative embellishments in hardwoods including mouldings, corbels, onlays, cabinet parts, and more at whiteriver.com and mouldings.com.

Understanding their customer purchase timings

Abandoned shopping carts remain a huge unsolved problem for ecommerce stores (according to independent research firm Statista, an astonishing 88% of online shopping orders were abandoned). While there are many ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment, one easy to implement solution is to optimize the timing of your abandoned cart email, SMS or push notifications.

White River knew the importance of customer purchase timing and tailoring marketing flows to these timings. Specifically, they wanted to understand the time it took from customer account creation to first purchase to improve their cart abandonment flow, but there was no easy way to find this data insight. 

Segments analyzed White River's Shopify data to provide optimal customer purchase timings

Using Shopify data, Segments provided insights into the purchase timings of the 1st customer order, within the first 24 hours and for the first 30 days, showing the precise % of customer purchase by the hour and by day.

Purchase timing example

Customer first purchase timing within the first 30 days (sample data)

Tailoring flows based on Segments insights, White River recorded a 245% increase in conversion rate for abandoned carts!

Typical “good” cart abandonment flows see 38% open rates, 7.7% CTR, and 2.9% conversion rates.

Abandoned cart email benchmarks Klaviyo

Prior to Segments, White River based the timings of their cart abandonment flow on an educated guess using Klaviyo recommendations.

With Segments data insights, White River replaced the guessing with sophisticated data science. Leveraging the insights from Segments, White River adjusted the timing sequences of their email, SMS, and push notifications, achieving amazing results:

  • Email 51% Open rate (+34% vs. benchmark), 11% CTR (+42%), 10% (+245%) conversion rate
  • SMS: Sales from SMS abandoned cart automation increased 235%
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery from Push Notifications increased 50% versus the period before using Segments
White River SMS sales increased by 235% thanks to Segments data insights

Using Segments purchase timing data insights, White River tailored abandoned cart marketing flows in the "active" period to drive increased conversions.

Above you'll see the marketing flow that White River has shared with us. WIth our purchase timing insights, Richard tailored all marketing flows to match the purchase behavior of his customers.

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