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ILIA Beauty maps product journey and improves conversion of at-risk customers using Segments

ILIA Beauty
Beauty & Skincare

Laguna Beach, California
"After trying many different apps for both insights and syncing, Segments has been one of the most useful apps we have in our marketing tech stack"
Albert from ILIA Beauty

Meet ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty is a pioneer in the beauty industry that has been challenging the conventions of clean makeup since 2011. The award-winning brand’s mission is to protect and revive skin through safe, potent formulas powered by active levels of skincare ingredients.

Understanding customers' product journey and product replenishment rates

With a large range of online sales channels, ILIA Beauty wanted to better understand customers shopping directly with them, specifically what products were customers purchasing, were they ordering the same products each time or instead shopping for complimentary or entirely new product lines? Another key question was when customers were reordering products and returning to shop directly with ILIA.

“We’ve always had anecdotal evidence based on customer feedback. For some products it can be 3-6 months, and we want to see better data down to the product level so we can target customers precisely.”

Segments data insights helps ILIA Beauty create a product purchase journey map

Segments analyzed ILIA Shopify customer purchase data from the past year (across the last 2 years) and created a product purchase journey map that uncovered key data points around replenishment times for top selling products and provided the ILIA team an actionable strategy to target First Time (1st) purchasers, Repeat Purchasers and At Risk purchasers with targeted messages via email marketing and performance marketing.

Using Segments insights, ILIA Beauty focused on improving conversion on at risk first time customers to drive retention efforts

Leveraging insights generated from Segments, ILIA triggered targeted engagement strategies to boost reorders and cross sells. The ILIA team also learned key insights on repeat product purchases, at risk customers and best selling product combos (data was shared with the ILIA R&D team).

Using Segments insights, ILIA Beauty focused on improving conversion on at risk first time customers to drive retention efforts.

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